“And we’re not even in the hot seat,” said Commissioner Michael Schware.

An attempt was made to get air conditioning running in the meeting room, but that did not succeed.

As Eichenberg, the last of the first seven candidates, was being interviewed, two large fans noisily were hauled into the room.

“That’s more fans than we usually have here,” joked Mazziotti.

“Apparently, air conditioning is not a core county function,” quipped Browning.

Osborne asked the workers who brought in the fans not to turn them on while Eichenberg was being questioned.

“You want him sweat it out,” joked Commissioner Lisa Scheller.

Demonstrating an insider’s knowledge, Browning suggested opening the doors to the meeting room, which immediately allowed cooler air to flow in from the hall.

Osborne later asked that the fans not be turned on in the room because he was afraid their noise would drown out audio of recordings being made of the interviews.

He said videos of the interviews will be posted on the county’s website by the end of this week.