"I would have appreciated a little notice," Armstrong said. "..There is a right way and a wrong way to proceed on matters like this. I think you just demonstrated the wrong way."

Armstrong also didn't appreciate what he called a "lecture" from Thiel about the responsibilities of the school board during a budget season and that by disagreeing with this course of action, in essence, the board was not living up to their responsibilities.

"I take offense to that, I don't think we need lectures," he told Thiel.

"These are important positions," Mayo said in response to the proposed amendment. He added that cutting the positions would also impact several other positions throughout the district and needed to be carefully considered before taking such significant action.

Director Mike Welsh said he would not support the lay offs on such short notice adding that "this came out of nowhere."

"I would have appreciated a head's up," Armstrong also added.

As such the motion failed 2-6 with Thiel and Gerlach providing to the two "yes" votes.

Earlier in the night during the Building Committee meeting, the board approved $3.7 million in construction projects at several district buildings.

Those projects include roof replacements and masonry repairs to Central, Jefferson and Mosser schools that total nearly $1.4 million, elevator modernization and paving projects.

Robert Sperling, director of facilities services, said all the repairs badly need to be done to provide a safe learning environment and protect the district's assets.

At the conclusion of the meeting, Sperling officially announced his retirement from the district, effective June 30th. He has been employed with the district for the last 34 years.

The regular board meeting is scheduled for May 22nd.