Kelly Denton-Burhaug, a Moravian College religion professor who said she has written extensively over the last 12 years about "the increase in war culture in the U.S.," told the bard that the charter school plan "is something to be wary of."

Only one of the people who supported the charter high school plan, Alfonso Diaz, lives in the district.

He said that as a teen-ager, he learned leadership skills and discipline at the South Side Neighborhood Center from a ROTC program sponsored by the Civil Air Patrol, and he wants his sone to have the same opportunity.

Selena Rivera of Whitehall Township, a mother of five, voiced support for the plan. After noting that one of her sons is in the Army, another is in the Marines and another is going to join the Air Force, she said a school like the Advanced Military Aerospace Science Academy "will focus on the opportunity [available] to our kids, let them know what's out there."

The hearing ended with Jolene Vitalos, president of the Bethlehem Education Association, thanking the commenters for all the kind words about the quality of the education being offered by the district.

"I am humbled by the outpouring of support for our teaching professionals," she said. "Let us continue on our path to educational excellence."