The Bangor Area School District board received good news Monday night when it learned the bill from the Career Institute of Technology would increase only 1.2 percent next year, or about $27,000, thanks to a large reimbursement.

“It’s a rare year,” Ronald Roth, administrative director at CIT said during his presentation to the school board.

Several events beyond CIT’s control created the huge pool of unspent money that CIT is reimbursing to the five school districts that send students to its program.

The Bangor school district, which has 747 students enrolled at CIT, is budgeted to receive a $118,000 payback, which will knock down its annual bill to the technical school.

Roth said events beyond CIT’s control, including retirements and reduced salaries in school district, resulted in CIT collecting more money from the school district’s than it wound up spending.

CIT’s budget process is based on projections of school district budgets in Bangor, Easton, Nazareth, Pen Argyl and Wilson.

Bangor’s share of CIT’s budget is about $1.1 million, plus nearly $160,000 for debt service payments on CIT’s debt of about $18 million; that brings Bangor total payment to about $1.3 million.

CIT, located at 5335 Kesslersville Road, Forks Township, offers programs in automotive repair, cosmetology, business, among others.

Students divide their day between their high school and the other half of the day at the technical school.