Saucon Valley community calls for more electives

Posted: 8:30 AM EST Dec 24, 2013   Updated: 7:31 AM EDT Sep 25, 2013
Saucon Valley High School

Saucon Valley parents and teachers spoke out against alleged credit reductions for elective courses during Tuesday’s Board of Education meeting. 

“What we teach is important and rigorous and integral to the education of our children,” said Sandra Eckert, an art teacher and twenty year veteran of the school district. The comments were met by a standing ovation from a packed Audion auditorium at Saucon Valley High School.

According to Ms. Eckert the Board has repeatedly failed to address a reduction in number of electives offered and the number of students in those classes.

“I don’t think the number of students in electives has changed,” disputed Board member Eric Kahler.

Other members faulted the block schedule system used by the district for the reduction in credits, while some argued it was inevitable due to the school district’s size.

Currently 35 percent of students at Saucon Valley are enrolled in elective courses.

 “The investment of the teachers and the students and the community in the future of our children here is more than simply [their] monetary success,” said Eckert. “The monetary success is obviously very important but we’re trying to address the whole child and we feel very strongly about that.”

Theresa Andreucci, Spanish teacher and president of the Saucon Valley Education Association, called for more communication between the administration, the teachers and the community.

“Come in, sit down, see what we do every day, how important [it is],” said Andrucci.

The board, however, was not ready to move forward with any definitive action.

Board member Ralph Puerta spoke of the need for further study of the topic before proposing any changes.

“Overall I think the objective is very simple,” said Puerta, “it’s continuous improvement.”

The Saucon Valley Board of Education agreed to revisit the issue at a later date upon further revision.