Proposed capital improvements

Fellin listed $660,480 in needed capital improvements that are considered priorities by the administration. She indicated some have been deferred for years.

One is to replace squeaky seats on the main floor of the high school auditorium, which have been there since the school was built in 1968. That project will cost $158,000.

“It costs more to remove and oil them than to replace them,” said the superintendent.

Other capital projects on her list include:

• Improving security at the middle and elementary schools, at an estimated cost of $170,000.

• Upgrading surveillance cameras in all schools, for $122,750.

• Repair the high school courtyard to prevent leaking into the basement, for $7,300.

• Finish the concrete floor in the high school basement totally for $22,430 or partially for $13,500.

• Fix a dish room at the high school and replace stoves, $51,000.

• Refinish the high school and middle school gyms, $46,000.

• Install a long-range projection camera for the high school auditorium, $18,000.

• Blacktopping the high school teacher lot, $28,000.

• Replace old equipment in the fitness area, $18,000.

• Relocate high school guidance offices, $19,000.

Fellin indicated the district has the capital funds to do most of the projects, but the board will have to review and approve them.

Board member Charles Bartolet, who was skeptical that the high school gym floor needs to be refinished, requested a guided tour to see the needed improvements before voting on any of the projects – except those improving security.

Other board members indicated they may join him.

New scoreboards coming

Athletic director Bob Frey explained new scoreboards are needed at the varsity softball and baseball fields and the varsity hockey field doesn’t have one.

He said the two existing electronic scoreboards were installed around 1999.One has not worked for a year; the other has not worked for at least two years.

Frey said repairing the boards is not financially feasible. He said price of new LED scoreboards has dropped to the point where they probably are less expensive than the old boards originally cost.

Bartolet asked why the old scoreboards can’t be repaired. “The problem, believe it or not, are cell phones,” said Frey. He said the scoreboards operate on the same frequency as cell phones, which impacted their operation until they stopped working completely.

He estimated the cost of the project at $31,200, which includes removing the two old scoreboards and installing three new ones.

He said Giant supermarkets and Lehigh Valley Health Network are willing to sponsor at least two of the three scoreboards. He said that sponsorship commitment for two scoreboards totals $13,200.