An insinuation of sexism in the Bethlehem Township Police Department was made by a Township resident during Monday night's board of commissioner's meeting.

Barry Roth of Bethlehem, raised the charge during a public comment session Monday. His charge stemmed from the board's November 18th decision to appoint two men, Kevin Lindsay and Nicholas Durham, as police officers over another candidate for the post, Bethany Adams.

Adams was turned down on two different votes by 3-2 margins. Vice President Micheal Hudak and Commissioner D. Martin Zwarski, voted in the minority.

Subsequently, Lindsay and Durham were approved by 3-2 votes. Both times, Hudak and Zwarski voted against the two.

"When are we going to step into the 21st century?" asked Roth in his comments to commissioners on the vote. He derided a "lack of a diversified force" and said the issue about hiring more women should be examined further in the future.

"I think we need to start waking up," Roth said. "...I'm not begrudging the guys that were hired, I'm just saying we need to start looking at it more intense."

President Paul Weiss responded by noting that it was Police Chief Daniel Pancoast's recommendation to hire Lindsay and Durham for the two posts.

"I'm not sure I would want to dictate to him to tell him who he should or should not hire because he is responsible for those people," Weiss replied. "...I agree with diversity."

Hudak responded by saying he "totally disagreed with the chief's opinion and I also disagree that he should be recommending to this board who to hire. I think this board should hire who they deem fit."

In other business the board voted 5-0 to adopt a resolution authorizing the disposal of certain municipal public records in accordance with the Local Government Records Committee recommendations.