A Lehigh Co. native was killed, along with three others, in a violent car crash in Central America. Molly Hude was headed to the airport in Belize to move back home, according to her family.

Dominic Barone is remembering the cousin he never really got to know.

"My cousin Molly is the reason hipsters try to be cool," he said. "She was her own person, yes."

Hude, 24, was always following her spirit -- to Greece, Morocco, or Belize, where she spent the last three weeks leading an archaeology dig. It was part of her work toward a Master's degree.

"She was there four separate times," said Barone.

It would be Hude's last trip. She was killed in a crash last Tuesday on a narrow, rain-slicked road outside Belize City.

The taxi Hude was taking to the airport collided with a tour bus. Also killed were two friends who were headed to Pennsylvania with her for the July Fourth holiday. The cab driver also died.

Hude was a 2007 Northern Lehigh High School graduate who grew up near Slatington. After years of living abroad, she was finally moving home to be with her fiance, according to her cousin.

"She was supposed to move home Tuesday or Wednesday," said Barone. "We were so close to just having her, just keeping her."

Now, Barone is only left with pictures and the frustration over an accident that he says didn't have to happen.

"So easily preventable it's not even funny," he said. "I don't know why you were driving that fast with three foreign people."

Hude's death is just salt in an open wound for her family. Barone's aunt is dying and his uncle already passed away recently. Molly's funeral is Thursday.