A lengthy, protracted and at times confusing debate by the Whitehall Township Board of Supervisors about salary increases for small segment of township employees dominated a spirited debate on the township's 2014 budget workshop meeting.

At question was whether a half-dozen non-union clerical employees would receive an increase from 2.25 percent to 2.5 percent, which would be consistent with the pay raise middle managers are allocated to receive under Mayor Edward Hozza Jr.'s budget.

"I think they are just as important to the township as everyone else,"said Linda Snyder, board president, during the debate.

However, Board Secretary Paul Geissinger advocated a flat 2 percent hike for all non-union employees in the township.

"It's the fair and right thing to do," he said.

After a litany of debate, discussion of mathematical figures, references to a widening gap between the "haves and have-nots" in American society and a tutorial about why people earn different salaries for different jobs, the board agreed with Snyder.

The township has a total of 112 employees, according to the 2014 proposed budget.

The proposed budget has no increase in taxes for township residents, holding the line at 2.8 mills.

Public budget hearings are expected to continue through December, with commissioners expected to adopt a final budget during the same month.

During the commissioners' regular public meeting held prior to the budget workshop, commissioners approved several resolutions and motions, including the appointment of several individuals to various posts.

Totaram Gomaine was appointed to the Environmental Advisory Council and the Building Code Board of Appeals.

Shera Mula was appointed to serve on the Planning Commission, Cara Butz on the Recreation Commission and Jamie Bowman to the Civil Service Commission.