On such a frigid night, imagination is required to conjure up the lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer.

That was the challenge those residents in attendance at Wednesday night's South Whitehall Township Board of Commissioners' meeting were faced with as the five-member legislative body granted preliminary and final approval to Dorney Park's latest foray into the realm of spills, chills and thrills.

Coined as "Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom Snake Pit," the subdivision will introduce six new water slides, according to Dorney Park officials.

At the top of the 65' foot structure there will be an area called the "Python Plummet" where, following an intense countdown the floor suddenly opens, sending guests into a fierce free-fall. drop.

While commissioners granted their approval, none expressed the slightest interest in personally visiting the Snake Pit.

In other business, commissioners approved the 2014 budget that will hold the line on taxes for township residents and reduce their refuse bills from $344 to $280 annually.

While the budget passed with no discontent, it wasn't totally smooth sailing. Commissioner, Glenn Block, strongly pushed for a reduction in an additional $25,000 in funds requested by Cetronia Ambulance Corp. because the amount was simply too much.

"As a commissioner, we fully support Cetronia," Block said. "They are one of the finest ambulance corps this community has, but by the same token, this township runs a budget that is extremely tight. As commissioners, I think we have a fiduciary responsibility to have some kind of cap to the donations."

He then added this, "I can't with good mind say that I'm in favor of adopting a $25,000 amount," Block said.

He later made a motion to reduce the donation amount to $10,000.

President Christina Morgan was adamant that the $25,000 figure was appropriate.

When put to vote, however, the board sided with Block by a 3-1 vote, with Morgan dissenting and Commissioner David Bond abstaining.

The board also entered into a professional services agreement with H.A. Berkheimer, Inc. regarding the billing, payment processing and customer service provider for sewer, refuse and water fees in the township.

A few minutes later commissioners authorized township Manager Jon Hammer to execute an agreement to retain Berkheimer to levy and assess the township's business privilege tax.