St. Luke's University Health Network says it will now offer some benefits to same sex spouses of its employees.

The health network says it is still reviewing its benefits plans considering recent legal proceedings at the federal and state levels, especially those in New Jersey.

The network has a campus in New Jersey--St. Luke's Warren Hospital in Phillipsburg.

According to a statement from Kenneth Szydlow, St. Luke's vice president of marketing and public relations: "These recent legal developments have created new obligations to treat same sex married couples as spouses in New Jersey, and St. Luke’s will honor those legal requirements.  St. Luke’s is also actively considering extending these same benefits to all of their employees in Pennsylvania within the very near future.  St. Luke’s always has, and will continue to comply with all applicable federal and state laws.” 

The Pennsylvania Diversity Network has been urging St. Luke's to offer the benefits ever since it passed an anti-discrimination policy in 2011.

Last month the group delivered more than 1200 letters to St. Luke's officials.