A group of elementary school students went on a caroling adventure through South Side Bethlehem Wednesday on what is known in the Spanish culture as a 'Parranda'.

Much like caroling, the 'Parranda' is a tradition in Puerto Rico where groups of friends get together to visit houses and bring holiday cheer.

The only difference is the students from Donegan Elementeray School, decided to visit senior centers along E 4th Street instead.

The idea came from school principal Sonia Vazquez, “This was something that I did when I was young,” she said “It gives the kids the chance to give back to the community and it also gives them appreciation for the seniors, I think the kids are really learning about their culture and about their music.”

Vazquez says this is the first year they've done a parranda with the kids and adds that the kids were so excited that their parents wanted to join in but there wasn't enough room on the bus.

“We're going to tweak it, we're going to learn more songs and I think this is something we want to do every year as a tradition,” said Vazquez

The Parranda tradition includes instruments and usually leads to a party that lasts until dawn.