Braden said the airport would have to be rezoned before it could be sold for other purposes. He doesn't think Forks Township or Northampton County could afford to buy it. Chuss said the county's economic development office  is looking into ways the airport can remain in operation.

Chuss said several months ago Forks Township's supervisors passed a resolution requesting the airport authority to meet with them before making any decision to sell Braden.

Rosenfeld objected to someone on the airport board saying Braden is only used by 260 wealthy people. He said his organization has about 180 members, including pilots who fly in and out of Braden. "But not all our members are pilots, not all of them own airplanes and I guarantee you not all of them are rich."

Members of Chapter 70 of the Experimental Aircraft Association who are based at Braden also attended the meeting to show their support and prevent any vote to sell the property.