Suspected drug dealer, Justin Cobb, to face charges

Posted: 1:26 AM EST Jan 30, 2014   Updated: 12:10 AM EDT Mar 21, 2014

A man is being charged with a felony for the possession of illegal substances with intent to deliver. 

Police say they saw 23-year-old Justin Cobb of Trenton, N.J. meeting with an unknown man on the front porch of a home.

After Cobb returned to his vehicle and drove off, police conducted a traffic stop on his vehicle at 8th and Allen streets in Allentown.

In plain view, on the center console of the vehicle, police said, were three "bricks" of suspected heroin-- equal to about 150 bags.

Searching the vehicle further, police found more drugs, about 63 additional bags of suspected heroin and two bags of marijuana.

One more large bag of suspected marijuana was found in the vehicle.

Police field-tested the substances and confirmed them to be heroin and marijuana.

Both substances will be sent to PSP for further chemical analysis, police said.

Meanwhile, a preliminary hearing notice has been issued for Cobb to appear before a judge to face charges.

The notice comes with a warning that should Cobb fail to appear in court on the appointed date, the trial may be conducted in his absence and a warrant will be issued for his arrest.