“We are talking to restaurant operators,” she said. “It would be an excellent location for a restaurant.”

Salinger called it a very uncomplicated and unremarkable building, which was built in 1900.

The brick exterior will be restored to the front of the building, which also will get a symmetrical array of new windows and doors.

The front of the structure will be topped by a cornice like those on many old buildings in the city, but Salinger explained: “They’re under no obligation to copy what might have been there.”

Salinger said the new design will give the building a more detailed and sophisticated appearance, with a first and second story window and panel system that will create “an entirely different sense, melding well the new and old downtown design character.”

“They’re not restricted to an historic design,” explained Salinger.

He said the building has less than 20 feet of frontage along Hamilton, but is 230 feet long, “which is not untypical for these buildings.”

The building’s brick exterior has been hidden behind stucco for years.
After the meeting, Gentile said work already has begun to remove that stucco, with prior approval from the city.

Gentile said the complete restoration will begin early next year and should be completed by spring or summer.