Two of the defendants asked two of the victims if they could use their phones.

One of the victims said his phone battery was dead, and another said that he was on a minute plan.

One of the defendants sat at the table with the victims, while another made comments about one of the victims, used profanity and called the victim names.

That teen then took close ups of the three boys at the table and concluded the video by saying, “That was a Smack Cam Three. All right, we done.”

Allentown School Board Member David Zimmerman said his son is one of the victims.

Martin said, "That had no bearing in either the police investigation or the decision that I made to prosecute this case. We would have prosecuted this case no matter what his lineage would have been."

"It's an unfortunate incident. It was clearly, as far as I was concerned, a bullying incident," said Martin.

Martin said those charged are not likely to be detained and that the cases will be heard by a juvenile master in Lehigh County.

He said, "The aim of juvenile court is rehabilitation, so hopefully they will learn a lesson from this that you can't go around bullying your fellow students."