A tractor trailer accident that led to a fluid spill happened in the westbound lanes of Interstate 78 near the Cedar Crest Boulevard interchange in Salisbury Township, Lehigh County, Wednesday.

Debris flew into the eastbound lanes and closed lanes in both directions between the Lehigh Street and Cedar Crest Boulevard interchanges.

Emergency crews were called out to Fish Hatchery Road in Allentown just below the accident to clean up any fuel that may have spilled from the truck.

"We called our special operations team as well as the city of Allentown fire department and the haz-mat team to help mitigate the spill underneath the bridge and prevent it from spreading into the waterways," said Chief John Kalynych with the Lehigh County Special Operations Team.

This was just one of multiple reported accidents on I-78 in Lehigh County, according to state police.

The accidents snarled traffic for hours as drivers sought alternative routes through  south Allentown, as well as sections of Salisbury and Upper Saucon townships.

Shortly after 3 p.m., the Lehigh County Communications Center reported a westbound lane of I-78 had reopened between Lehigh Street and Cedar Crest.

There were reports of injuries, but there's no word on how many or how serious.

Earlier Wednesday, a tractor trailer went down an embankment off I-78 East in Weisenberg Township, causing delays starting around 7 a.m.