Two families are forever connected by a young man's death-- a death that saved a small girl's life.

An event at Lehigh Valley Hospital Monday night highlighted just one example of the life-saving impact of organ donation.

Back in 2010, 20-year-old Ethan Moyer was killed by a drunk driver.

Ethan was  a registered organ donor, and his liver was donated to six-month-old Josie Crawn, who was battling a life threatening illness.

The families of Josie and Ethan came together tonight to celebrate Ethan's selfless act and promote the Gift of Life donor program.

Ethan's mother, Linda Moyer, said, "It shows there's a continuance; there's hope. My son's spirit continues and that's huge as a mom. As a mom, it's really hard to lose a child and that shows me he's still here in this world and there's still things to be done and he's doing them."

You can find more information about the Gift of Life donor program at  the web site .