Testimony began Thursday in the trial of three people, including a former diner owner, accused of stealing $260,000 from an elderly woman.

According to Lehigh County prosecutors, Chris Dimou, owner of the former Emmaus Diner, his ex-fiance Penny Veronikis and her daughter Barbara Paxos stole the money from Queen Hersh.

Officials said the suspects obtained credit cards in Hersh's name as well as a $50,000 loan on the house she owned on Greenleaf Street in Emmaus.

A grand jury said the group also sold Hersh's vacation home in the Poconos for $170,000 and kept the cash.

Officials say Hersh finally discovered the alleged abuse in 2008, when she got a foreclosure notice on her house. She died several months later at age 90.

District Attorney Jim Martin said one of the loans was used to buy an antique car that  Dimou purchased from  Veronikis' brother.