Crews worked into the night clearing the scene after a tractor trailer slammed into a house in Northampton County.

The truck overturned in the area of Willow Park Road and Freemansburg Avenue in Bethlehem Township late Thursday afternoon.

The truck crossed a yard and crashed into the front of a house on Freemansburg Avenue.

The accident was reported at 4:15 p.m.

It was a close call for a woman and her baby inside the house.

"I was just coming out the door with my daughter, I had my hand on the handle of the door and all of the sudden it starts shaking uncontrollably. I heard a loud noise grinding," explained Verginia Tavares.

Just a few seconds or a few feet more and it could have been a very different outcome for her and her three-and-a-half month-old daughter.

"I kicked the door shut and ran across the house, out the back door with my daughter, it's all I could do," she said.

She and her daughter were not injured and officials said the driver of the tractor-trailer that hit their house is also unharmed.

Rescue Captain Mark Kuronya with the Bethlehem Township Fire Department said, "Tractor-trailer was coming down the hill and a car pulled out in front of him so he did hit the car, there were no injuries, but trying to avoid really hitting the car hard he swerved."

Kuronya and police said the driver of the car ran away from the scene.

Police said the driver who ran away from the scene plans to turn himself in with his attorney Friday.

Police said the driver will face misdemeanor charges of leaving the scene of an accident.

Kuronya said the tractor trailer damaged the house's foundation and caused other issues.

"He took the natural gas meter out and we had to wait for UGI to get the gas shut off so we could control the hazards," he said. "The problem was we had a natural gas hazard, the gas was leaking, it filled the house up with gas and because hit the meter and truck's against the house, we had no way to control the gas hazard."

Tavares said, "I ran back, got our two Pomeranians and our parrot out because anything that was living and breathing, we got out."

She also lives in the house with her parents, who were not in the house at the time, and said she is just happy her family is okay.

Tavares said, "That's the most important part. This is all replaceable. My daughter and my family are not."