Ulysses Rodriguez, alleged murderer, caught in New York

Posted: 10:53 PM EST Nov 28, 2013
Ulysses Rodriguez, alleged murderer, caught  in New York

Family and friends of a 21-year-old man who was gunned down in Allentown had reason to be thankful Thursday.

Police say after months of searching, they've finally found the man who pulled the trigger, close to 200 miles away.

District Attorney Jim Martin says Ulysses Rodriguez was arrested for public drunkenness overnight in Suffolk County, New York.

But when police were booking him they found an outstanding warrant for criminal homicide.

Investigators have been looking for 21 year old Ulysses Rodriguez since this past spring and even handed out his mug shot to help locate him.

Officials believed he had been hiding in New York City but were unable to find him until now.

Jesse Miller, a childhood friend of the victim, 21-year-old Tyree Wimberly said, he got the call from Wimberly's mother, thanksgiving morning, that Tyree's alleged shooter had been found. "The detective called her and stated that he was picked up I guess for public drunkenness, so the cops ran his prints and figured out who he was"  Miller said 

"We went a couple of months without knowing who he was, then we found out who he was and it took this long to actually find where he was so it's kind of overwhelming all at once but other than that it's just a great feeling." Miller added.

Police say Rodriguez shot and killed Wimberly in January outside the Scoobies gentlemen's club on Hanover Avenue on the Allentown-Bethlehem border.

Witnesses say Rodriguez pulled out a gun and shot Wimberly after Wimberly refused to buy marijuana from him.

Now, friends and family are hoping justice can be served.

Miller summed up how friends and family feel now. He said "It's actually pretty good 'cause we were just talking about it the night before saying we were getting very inpatient and all of a sudden Thanksgiving rolls around and it's like 'here, be thankful for this' so it kind of brought us up a little bit about it".

Wimberly's mother who declined to be interviewed at this time, said she is 'thankful' Rodriguez was caught. Rodriguez now has to be extradited from New York.