Volunteers clean up Bethlehem cemetery repeatedly targeted by vandals

Posted: 6:55 PM EDT Apr 28, 2013

Volunteers were on hand in Bethlehem on Saturday to brighten up a cemetery that has been repeatedly targeted by vandals.

The group was out in force for some spring cleaning at St. Michael's Cemetery on East 4th Street.

The cemetery has been vandalized three times in the last six months.

The most recent incident occurred this week when gravestones and trees were spray-painted.

Volunteers will return to the cemetery each weekend throughout the spring and summer.

Despite the recent set backs. volunteers remain upbeat.

Volunteer Al Barron says of cleaning up the cemetery: "It's just something about giving back that makes you feel better about yourself and about the community in general."

Volunteers are hoping to have the most recent graffiti removed within the next few weeks.