The Kmart on Male Road in Wind Gap has suffered a security breach after an armed robbery that happened Jan. 4.

According to Kmart officials, the armed robber demanded the store manager hand over all the money stored in a safe, which also held electronic media containing personal information of pharmacy customers.

This information was transferred with the money into a bag the robber took off with.

The data contained personal information such as the prescription customer's name, address, date of birth, prescription number, insurance cardholder identification and drug name.

Some of these prescriptions may have included Social Security and driver's license numbers. Kmart says this particular level of data breach affected only a small number of customers.

None of the stolen property has been been recovered as of yet.

Kmart Pharmacy sent written notifications to all affected customers on Feb. 10.

Any customers seeking further information regarding the incident should call 1-866-871-4680.