You may want to check your mailbox often over the next several days as PA Treasury prepares to return $21.8 million in unclaimed property to Lehigh county residents, businesses and organizations.

The Treasury will publish the names of unclaimed property owners next week in The Morning Call.

State Treasurer Rob McCord announced that names of those owed lost or forgotten money or items reported to the Treasury within the past year will be published.

He said these funds belong to the families and employers of Lehigh County and it is the Treasury's job to return them to the rightful owners, a job he said "we take seriously."

Treasurer McCord said last year, Treasury returned $2.4 million in unclaimed property to rightful owners in Lehigh County but he hoped to return even more this year through the annual newspaper ad campaign.

He said the $21.8 million owed to owners in Lehigh County is part of the $2.2 billion in unclaimed property Treasury currently holds.

McCord said seven individuals in Allentown are each owed over $18,000 while one man in New Tripoli will receive $43,000.

These funds and property usually come from multiple sources including abandoned bank accounts, forgotten stocks, uncashed checks, and contents of safe deposit boxes.

Treasury McCord said, “There is a one-in-ten chance you may have unclaimed property even if you don’t see your name in the paper."

Everyone is encouraged to visit the treasury website as "a few minutes of searching could be time well spent," said McCord.

The average claim is said to be worth around $1,200.