The Salisbury Youth Association hopes to raise a banner across Emmaus Avenue in Salisbury Township to help promote its October car show.

It cleared an initial hurdle Thursday night when township commissioners enthusiastically voted to support the idea.

SYA will need approve from the state Department of Transportation, because Emmaus Avenue is a state road, and from whatever utility company owns poles needed to hang the banner.

Leno Scarcia, director of SYA’s football program, made the banner request to township officials.

He explained SYA’s Block & Tackle car show will be held rain or shine from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Oct. 11 at Salisbury Middle School.

Scarcia wants the banner stretched over a busy road in the township to help promote the community event, beginning two or three weeks before Oct. 11.

“I believe it’s going to be up to you guys where you’re going to allow us to put this up – if you will allow us to hang a banner,” Scarcia told commissioners.

The SYA representative also wanted to know if the township will charge signage fees.

“We don’t have any existing regulation right now to address the issue,” said township manager Randy Soriano.

He told commissioners the township also has no fees for erecting temporary banners.

The township manager explained that Salisbury will have to apply to PennDOT on behalf of SYA for permission to erect a banner across a state road.

“You can’t go to PennDOT alone,” Soriano told Scarcia. “We have to initiate that. That’s their procedure.”

Scarcia initially said SYA was considering three different locations in Salisbury to raise a banner: Emmaus Avenue near Honeysuckle Road, S. Pike Avenue or Oxford Drive near Lehigh Street.

Salisbury Middle School is along Devonshire Road off Oxford Drive.

Scarcia dropped Oxford Drive as an option after police chief Allen Stiles told him the section of that road near the middle school is in Allentown, not Salisbury.

Commissioners told him they had no preference whether the banner was put across S. Pike or Emmaus avenues. By consensus, everyone agreed on Emmaus Avenue after discussing that fact that few utility poles along Pike Avenue are directly across from each other.

“How about I-78?” joked Commissioner Robert Martucci.

Soriano advised Scarcia to first determine what utility poles SYA wants to use, then to contact the utility that owns those poles “whether it’s Verizon or PPL, to see whether they will allow you to do it.”

Soriano told Scarcia: “You have to understand we don’t have the equipment to put them up, so it will be up to you.”

Scarcia said SYA will put up the banner, saying it has access to people in the construction business who own bucket trucks.

Officials indicated that whoever hangs the banner will have to show proof of insurance to both PennDOT and the utility. The SYA rep said his organization will get whatever insurance is required.

Commissioner Debra Brinton noted she sees banners promoting Emmaus events across that borough’s main streets “so there has to be a way that this is possible.”

Others said promotional banners also stretch across MacArthur Road in Whitehall Township.

Scarcia said SYA also may erecti roadside signs to promote the car show at other locations in the township.

He said the car show is the largest fund-raising event of the year for SYA.