Meals on Wheels delivers messages to Dent

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Published: Aug 04 2013 08:00:00 PM EDT   Updated On: Aug 05 2013 07:06:20 PM EDT

In the Lehigh Valley close to 2,000 people rely on Meals on Wheels for food but sequestration cuts could halt thousands of meals from being delivered.

Monday officials made a special delivery they hopes sways Washington.

Messages that are poignant

"Could not survive without meals on wheels."


"Meals on Wheels means I will always have something to eat."

And with purpose.

"If I didn't have meals on wheels I'd have to go to a senior living facility."

Personal stories penned on paper plates and read to us by Meals on Wheels of Lehigh County head Pamela Bechtel.

"We do this everyday. We know how important it is to our clients, but when you read words like that," she tearfully told us.

Close to 2,000 Lehigh Valley senior citizen clients rely on the agency, not only for lunch and dinner but also mail delivery, relief from the heat, or as 92-year-old Lydia Moser tells us a little conversation.

"Nice to have someone come out because I don't go out often," she said.

But $1.6 million federal cut resulted in the Government sequestration, could put the brakes on service for some. 7-thousand meals are in danger of being lost here in the Lehigh Valley.

"I'd don't know what I'd do without Meals on Wheels," Lydia read.

Cue the plates. They're part of the national "Don't Empty My Plate," campaign.

"Advocating for the rights of seniors who can' advocate for themselves," Meal on Wheels Northampton County head Joann Nenow said.

Call it the power of paper, as close to 400 hand written plates were delivered to Congressman Charlie Dent's office in South Whitehall Township.

The goal? Sway lawmakers to restore the funding.

"That is part of the challenge we need to be better at balancing this and making it more proportional," Dent said.

Dent does believe by the end of the year there will be a redistributing of the sequestration cuts.

Which could mean good news to agencies like Meals on Wheels.