We all know Valentine's Day is Friday and Thursday's snow almost forced one local florist to hold back on deliveries for a day, until a fellow businessman stepped in.

Due to the storm, Keith Royal, owner of Ruby's Floral Factory in Bethlehem was unable to use his van for deliveries as usual.

However Sam Royer, who works with Lehigh Valley Mortgage Team in Bethlehem, and intern Lance Trott heard of Royal's trouble and decided to help out.

“Keith is a new business owner, he's a sole proprietor and it's something that for us, we love when people work with local people and being that he needed some help I said, 'Why not?' I'm a former Marine and if we can't dredge through this who can?” said Royer.

Royal says he's extremely grateful for the help and adds, “ It's such a life saver when you're sitting here and you're like 'OK you got a van but it's not good in snow...what to do you do?' It's just fun to have people who are local business owners supporting other business owners and that's what it's about.”