Dancers performing for hours can lead to injuries and keep them out of the spotlight.

Now there is a specialized physical therapy office that caters to performing artists and helps them recover from their injuries.

Meagan Robichaud is not on stage due to a lingering ankle injury.

"About a month or two ago it started bothering me again," said Robichaud. "I couldn't get up on point."

But these exercises will help the New Jersey native get back in the spotlight.

"It is hard to see them dance and you can't," said Robichaud. "But to know that I'm working towards it and getting better. It's exciting to know that I'm improving."

Robichaud is rehabbing her injury at the new Good Shepherd Performing Arts Rehabilitation Center in Bethlehem.

A space dedicated to all types of performing artists.

"We understand that their craft is different from say a sport or an injured worker and we put the time and the energy into finding out what it is they need to do and helping them to get back to doing that," said Catherine Dara, a physical therapist at the center.

"I'm getting tips from an ex-professional dancer," added Robichaud. "So it's awesome to be able to strengthen my ankle, but also figure out if there is something wrong above that may be making my ankle feel like that."

Not only is there a specialized floor and bar to work on for dancers, there's also a piano and sound proof room for musicians."

"The thing about this facility that sets us apart is that we provide the individualized attention to all members of the performing arts community," added Dara.

The office does provide services for all other types of injuries.

They say more artists have been dropping in since the new center opened two months ago.