The task of clearing away the snow has gone hi-tech in Allentown.

The city opened up the start of the wintry season with Zonar, a GPS tracking system it purchased this year.

The web-based software allows the city to follow plow trucks as they clear the roads.

Administrators can look up the speeds and actions of the trucks too, including an exact time of when the truck was started. An interactive map even displays whether or not the plow was being used.

"In red the plow was not down, in green is once we started plowing," explained Craig Messinger, with Allentown Public Works.

Messinger said Zonar can also tell if salt was poured on the road.

One of the advantages, he said, is a reliable history log of what was accomplished and when.

"So, if someone complains their road wasn't done, we can look at this report," Messinger said.

Messinger said he believes it was money well spent. The city paid $300 per unit and another $300 a year for the service.

Not all of the trucks are fully equipped with all of the technologies just yet, but he said a full fleet is in the works. A public version could also come forward.

"In Chicago, they are utilizing the technology in a way that citizens can actually see where they are," Messinger said.