Northampton woman turns 102 years old

Posted: 6:17 PM EST Jan 10, 2014   Updated: 7:10 PM EST Jan 10, 2014
Northampton woman turns 102 years old

Life expectancy for an American woman is 81 years old, but one Northampton great-grandmother has that beat by two decades.

Lucy Walters may now have the body of a 102 year old, but the lungs of a much younger woman, as she demonstrated blowing out her birthday candles.

They came in handy as Alexandria Manor in Nazareth threw her a surprise birthday bash.

"So far I didn't feel much difference really," Lucy said.

This mother of two is third oldest of 12 children.

For years, the Martins Creek native lived on a Nazareth farm with her husband and two kids.

"Did a lot of walking to get to work," she recalled.

Try 5 miles a day, steps she credits for her longevity.

Daughter Pearl Eckman says her Mom was a whiz in the kitchen, specializing in meat pies, among others.

"My favorite was southern fried chicken and apple tart. Oh my I'm getting hungry now," she laughed.

After cake and presents Lucy held court. Something those around here says she loves to do in her room too.

Ironically it was a different story when she first moved in.

"I didn't like when you told me to go there, but I tell you what it's a very nice place," Lucy said.

"I know everyone is nervous when come to that point in their lives but that is what you hope for," med tech Theresa Pierzga told us.

A century plus two may have caught up with Lucy..her family says she has a hard time seeing and can't hear very well.

But as her children wrapped her hands with theirs, some things are very clearly understood.