Megan Pustaver, 20, started working the front desk at Retro Fitness near Easton five months after becoming a member. Then a few weeks ago the TV cameras showed up at the Palmer Township franchise.

"They told me it was just a reality TV show that hasn't even hit the air yet, like didn't even exist," explained Megan Pustaver.

Employees were in for a shock when It turned out to be the CBS hit show "Undercover Boss." CEO Eric Casaburi stopped by for the day.

"I had to show him how to greet people," added Megan. "I did like some phone calls, I showed him how to do tours and talk on the intercom."

The episode aired Friday at 8PM. Friends and family gathered at Retro Fitness to watch.

"This is an amazing experience because it all happened too fast for me," shared Megan. "That's what's so incredible to me."

On the show Megan explains how she was in an abusive relationship with nowhere to turn, and ballooned to 210 pounds. But she was able to turn her life around. She moved back home and started school at Penn State Lehigh Valley. Casaburi wanted to be a part of her success.

"Megan I's like to give you $40,000 to pay for your school loans and leave you finished with school debt free," he said on the show.

But that's not all. He gave her money for housing, and cash to get her life started. In all it was close to $75,000.

"I am forever grateful," smiled Megan. "And it's been the best experience of a lifetime, and so far my dreams have come true."

Megan heads to PSU main campus in the fall for her junior year. She's majoring in broadcast journalism.