A Dominos pizza delivery man ends up with no phone, no cash and no pizza after police say he made a delivery to a vacant home and was robbed.

Police say around 11:30 Thursday night, the driver came to make a delivery at the 200 block of N Grant St. in Allentown, turns out the address he was given was to an empty house.

Police say he was robbed by four men dressed in black, one armed with a handgun.

The robbers took the victim's phone, cash and pizza.

The driver was not hurt, after he fled back to work he called police.

Neighbors like Luz Maldonado who grew up in the area says she's shocked how much the neighborhood has changed in the last few years.

"We used to leave the doors open. We could go out at one o'clock in the morning and not be afraid, you can't do that anymore," she said.