Nearly four weeks ago the officers at the Bethlehem Township Police Department ditched their razors.

"The idea is called No Shave November, or Noshember as we're calling it," explained Shaun Powell.

Now almost all of them are sporting a goatee or a beard.

"The first week or two is a little itchy," shared Jeremy Anderson. "I'm kind of getting used to it now."

"This is the longest I have grown this out," added Sergeant Gregory Gottschall.

The facial hair is all for charity. Every officer had to pitch in $30 to participate, and those who shaved or groomed were charged an additional $20. They're going scruffy for those who can't, and every penny raised will be donated to the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

"At this point we've exceeded our goal," smiled Gottschall. "We had a goal of $1,000 and we've done very well. We raised a total so far of $1,550."

Officers took the message to the streets, ready to answer questions about why they have beards and to raise additional money for the cause.

"You get a lot of reaction from the community," Gottschall said. "Positive when they understand what it's all about."

Armed with fliers they explain how their rough faces are helping to shave down childhood cancer.

"We might make this an annual tradition as long as the chief's on board," explained Anderson.

The effort runs through the end of this month. So come Sunday it will be bye-bye beards.

"My son, my youngest guy loves it, uh the wife, it's time for it to go," Anderson laughed.

If you want to donate, you still have time. Click HERE for more information.