A possible abduction in Nazareth, Northampton County ended peacefully Friday.

Officers say they were tracking the people involved for about seven hours Friday and multiple police departments were involved.

According to Nazareth Borough Police, family members of 18-year-old Carley Trzeciakiewicz reported she was being held against her will by her 22-year-old boyfriend Jacob Richner.

Investigators were unable to get in touch with the pair but tracked them driving all across the region.

Officers say at some point the duo ditched the car they were driving on Route 378 and had friends pick them up.

"The grandmother received a facebook message can you please come get me, also she received text messages from the female that she wanted to come home and that the male wouldn't let her come home," said Patrolman Daniel Troxell.

Investigators are interviewing the pair about exactly what happened and why they waited so long to contact police.

Officers say charges are likely.