Freezing temperatures can also lead to frozen pipes and an expensive home repair project.

Frozen, cracked water lines and pipes happen when it gets very cold and then when it warms up again, and then re-freezes.

Darren Moyer of Fred J. Moyer Plumbing says similar scenes are routine inside homes this time of year, especially with fluctuating temps.

"It splits and usually splits when no-one is home, just going to run a leak and cause a mess," Moyer said.

Damage from cracked pipes can cost tens of thousand of dollars to fix.

"Someone could leave a window open by accident especially in a crawl space and forget about it until a day like this and then it freezes up," he explained.

To keep the peace with your pipes, Moyer says cover exposed pipes with insulation, or spray foam, allow heat into coal bins, crawl spaces, and underneath your sink by leaving doors open.

Also lightly run your faucet if it's prone to freeze during the winter.

"The water is constantly moving in the pipes, less likely to freeze than standing water," Moyer went on to say.

Moyer says also seal up any holes, leaks or drafts coming from the outside, even if you think you're safe from Mother Nature.

"A lot of people think it's not going to happen from them, say I've never had this problem before," he went on to say.

Moyer says older homes are more prone to pipe trouble but it can happen to any home.

On the flip side, those with hot water boilers are typically okay.