The Sabor Latin Festival at the Steel Stacks in Bethlehem will have a very special performer taking stage this weekend.

His name is Justin Lopez, known by his stage name DJ Ju5tin.

At just 8 years old he's already a local sensation playing to sold out crowds at the Crocodile Rock Cafe in Allentown and on radio stations throughout the Valley as well as some in New York City.

There's also more to the young prodigy than meets the eye, Justin has a rare condition of Muscular Dystrophy that only affects 1,100 people in the entire world.

"He has a condition called Glycogen Storage Disease. Glycogen storage disease affects the liver, the heart and the muscles so being a rare form of muscle dystrophy," said his father Dan Lopez.

Justin's one year old brother, Jeremy has the same condition.

Lopez says he and his wife Jeannette had no idea the ailment was genetic until after his birth.

Their 5 year old brother Jayden is unaffected.

Regardless, Lopez says all three boys have something in common “His one year old brother has already started nodding his head and loving music, his middle brother is actually a phenomenal artist so I have a house full of artistes,” he laughed.

Lopez says his son's love for music also serves as a therapy helping him forget about his ailment.

When asked why he likes to DJ, Justin responded he likes to make people dance "People dance about a song, they're dancing to salsa, bachata, like everything,” he said.

Lopez hopes Justin's talent can also help spread the word on his rare condition.

"What we're hoping is that this story gets out there and that one doctor could hopefully one day help us out and maybe not finding a cure but finding something so Justin and Jeremy can have a long lasting life," he said.

DJ Ju5tin will be performing Saturday from 5 – 6pm at the Fowler Blast Furnace Room in the ArtsQuest Center and will be in the same location from 3 – 4 pm on Sunday.

He can also be followed on his Facebook and Twitter page, just look for DJ Ju5tin.