The new School Performance Profile is meant to give a broader, more in- depth educational picture of schools than No Child Left Behind.

The scores are now available online but parents might not like what they see.

"It's not just what the schools are teaching but what our kids are learning," one parent told us.

For parents proficiency in the classroom is a paramount issue.

"If this school is doing good then my child has a better possibility of doing better than at a different school that is lower," another stated.

Now you can compare how your child's school is doing against all other public schools across Pennsylvania.

It's called School Performance Profile.

One score for each school, comprised from a variety of factors, not solely standardized tests, like No Child Left Behind.

Every school is given a grade from 0-100. The color coded system shows if your school makes a passing grade or needs some work.

However some schools have been temporarily left off of the list..

For Easton Area High School it's due to a dispute with the Department of Education.

"Idea of reducing a school to a single number is always risky thing," Allentown School District Superintendent Russ Mayor told us over the phone.

A Mayo likes this system better than No Child Left Behind but says parents should be wary about low scores this year, as several key factors such as graduation and promotion rates aren't yet being counted.

"This is a gross oversimplification of what a school is worth to a child and the value of what education is," Mayo said.

In response to Easton's complaint, the Department of Education said 626 schools statewide failed to correctly code data which affected scores.

We don't know yet when those scores will be available.

You can check scores at