Gas stations were busy Wednesday night with folks filling up their tanks in anticipation of snow.

"Just gotta get gas in the tank and make sure the snow blower is ready," shared Leo Osanitsch.

"Getting gas for the snowblowers and hopefully some rest," Jacob Kaszuba smiled.

Many people we spoke with said they plan to head to work Thursday morning. PennDOT officials are urging caution on the roadways once the snow starts. Crews will mainly be relying on plows to keep the streets clear.

"There 12 hour shifts, we have drivers for all of our plows to cover 12 shifts," PennDOT Spokesperson Sean Brown explained. "We'll make sure they're strategically placed to hit the storm running from the beginning."

With so many snow storms this winter, the plows have needed a lot of maintenance. But they are ready to go. Officials just ask for a little patience; highways and larger roads are the number one concern.

"We will get to all state roadways but that does take a little bit longer when we have to prioritize our main roads," Brown said.

With the potential for mother nature to pummel us with snow, LantaBus and LantaVan services have already been suspended for Thursday.

Starting at 11 p.m. Wednesday, empty and double tractor trailers are banned from the Northeast extension from exit 20 to exit 131.