Most roads across the region are clear after the latest snowstorm, but many are now left coping with the deep freeze.

Harley McDonald, of Bangor, had the right idea.  Almost every inch of his body was covered up as he shoveled show.

"I don't like it!" he said. "I'd rather the warmth."

His mom Jennifer agreed.

"Oh my God. It's so cold," she said as she cleared her car of six inches of powdery snow.

With the wind chill well below zero, Jennifer said this is no day for a snow day.

"I didn't expect it to be blowing so much," she said.  "It's the blowing part.  Like, I already cleaned off my porch and it's already covered in snow again."

The whipping winds and the bone-chilling cold followed the region's first snowstorm of 2014 -- just two days into the new year.  Most people stayed off the roads early until plows had a chance to do their thing, and authorities reported few problems.  Speed restrictions were lifted on area highways once the sun came up.

Still, blowing snow made C.J. LeVay's drive to work a challenge.

"Slippery," he said.  "On my way into work today, I almost slid off the road."

The good news is, this snow is light and powdery, so you can get good traction on it.  The real story now, though, is this dangerous cold.  Doctors say you can get frostbite or hypothermia in just minutes out there.