All Thursday, the employees stood strong although battered.

In the second week of a strike in which 400 workers walked off the job, more than four dozen Just Born employees have the crossed the picket line and gone back to work.

Calls of "scab" could be heard throughout the afternoon as the company held a job fair to find replacements for the remaining strikers.

"If they get offered a job yes that will be at the expense of someone outside." Just Born's Matthew Pye said.

Pye says the hires are a must to keep the company's lights on while they negotiate with the union.

However both sides say they haven't spoken since August.

"The job fair is not something we wanted to see. We want to see the company respond back to the union with the offer we have for them to sit down and negotiate," said union rep Hank McKary.

The issue on the table remains pensions. Just Born wants to move all new hires into a 401k, instead of a traditional pension.

Both sides say they are not budging.

The union said it set aside the 27th, 28th and 29th of September to talk. Just Born said they will come to the table. While the union remains resolute in standing strong, some workers said they're hurting and this needs to end soon.