There are still a few weeks of summer left, and it certainly felt like it Wednesday.

The heat was between 100 and 105 degrees.

Some crops at Grim's Greenhouse and Farm Market are feeling the effects.

Naomi Grim said higher temperatures force some crops, like apples and pumpkins, to be ready earlier than usual.

"The temperature gets really hot and that makes your product turn faster than normal," she said.

"We're not concerned. We have irrigation and we have water to the roots of the trees and we should be fine," Grim added. She said they will still have plenty of pumpkins through October. "The pumpkin crop is looking pretty good this year. We've had nice big pumpkins."

The heat didn't keep Allentown City Councilwoman Jeanette Eichenwald and her grandson from picking out a pumpkin.

"There were lots of pumpkins to choose from so we were very happy," she said. "Hot, hot, but it's kind of nice to have an extra burst of Summer before we go into Fall."

Grim is thankful the very wet summer didn't cause major problems.

"It flooded out but we were lucky. We did not lose anything," she said.

She is looking forward to the heat going away.

"It's not hurting our crop and we'll be okay for the weekend and cooler days."