Travel agents deal with last minute warm-weather bookings

Posted: 6:03 PM EST Feb 12, 2014   Updated: 7:31 PM EST Feb 12, 2014
Travel agents deal with last minute warm-weather bookings

Shemaine Rohrbach has 20 years under her belt working as a travel consultant. She says every January, February and March her phone starts ringing.

"This is our busy time," Rohrbach explained. "We get a lot of phone calls for people that want to get out of the cold."

But this winter, Rohrbach's business is busier than ever.

"At least one to two phone calls every day with someone wanting to get out."

She says travelers want to escape the snow and cold and go anywhere the mercury is rising. Right now, Mexico and the Caribbean are popular with her clients.

"People want an all inclusive, they don't have to think, they don't have to do anything except enjoy themselves on the beach with a drink in their hand," shared Rohrbach.

While last minute trips have Rohrbach scrambling, just as many people planned ahead. Winter comes at the same time each year, and you can get better deals booking farther out.

"I have a few clients that have had their plans in place for three, four, five months already," Rohrbach added. "They're all excited to get out, they had their timing just right."

If you are traveling in the next few weeks you also need to keep a close eye on your airfare. The winter weather we have been experiencing means canceled flights, and that could impact your escape to warmer temperatures.