What is Molly?

Posted: 5:04 PM EDT Sep 03, 2013   Updated: 12:27 AM EDT Sep 04, 2013

Miley Cyrus sings about her. Madonna talks about her. However, Molly isn't a "she" but is short for molecule. Molly in purest forum is MDMA, a prescription pill pulled years ago.

"A lot of people know of it as ecstasy, Molly is a purer forum," Drug and Alcohol counselor Tom Ritter said.

Ritter also says Molly is made to give its consumers a surge of energy.

"Kids go to parties. It gives them a stimulate component to stay up for a long period of time," Ritter said.

He says that can lead to lethal results as body temperatures can rise to deadly levels.

Molly is being blamed for two Labor Day weekend deaths at New York City's Electric Zoo Music Festival.

But it isn't just a big city concern.

"Seems to be popular drug with teens," Northampton County D.A. John Morganelli said.

Within the past year he's seen a surge in use among local teenagers.

"It may be a result of the publicity from the entertainers, when they talk about the drugs in the songs they have coming up," Morganelli said.

For teens that could be a dangerous message.

"Problem is where the drugs are manufactured is in basement garages and we do not know what people are putting in them. One pill could overdose somebody,' Ritter warned.