A mystery has some residents of Plainfield Twp., Northampton Co., scratching their heads.

Is the police chief on the job or not? So far, the people in charge aren't talking, but some answers could be coming Wednesday night.

Police Chief Dean Ceraul is still listed on the township website, but former township supervisor Randy Leiberman said the chief hasn't been on the job for three weeks, and he's heard a rumor why.

"I had heard from some of the residents, they brought him in, asked for his badge and his weapon, and they sent him home," said Leiberman. "Didn't hear anything from that point.”

Leiberman hired Ceraul in 2003.

"They said that he's no longer here or they didn't even say he is no longer here," added Leiberman. "They said he is not here. I said, 'Can I leave a message?' They said, 'Well, um, yeah, but you won't get his voice mail.'”

69 News went to the Plainfield Township municipal building to find out the status of Ceraul. A worker referred the reporter to the township supervisors.

69 News also filed a written open records request, but it hasn't received a response.

"It's a little concerning," said Leiberman. "I mean, to the fact that they're not even letting anybody know that there is no police chief. Who's running the department? Who's in control? Who's taking care of the day-to-day operations there?”

The township secretary wouldn't even confirm if Ceraul is still employed by the township.

69 News called all five township supervisors. Only Jane Mellert answered, but she said she had no comment.

As for the open records request, the person in charge said 69 News would have a written response by Dec. 27.

The issue was on the agenda for Wednesday night's meeting.

"It's going to be we had a problem with the chief. We're going to go make a vote on it, and that's it," said Leiberman. "I think they are going to try and hide more than what we are going to find out exactly what happened.”