For a Northampton County man, having two of his kids' bicycles stolen within a week has the father of five saying enough is enough.

"They were about $200 a piece, so it's not like the next day, 'Oh, $200 bike. Let me just go get you a new one,' so you put two bikes at $400, it's kind of a lot of money to spend and have stolen," said Jose Ortiz, who lives on Ferry Street in Wilson.

Ortiz said he installed a surveillance system about a year ago after a neighbor caught a man trying to break into his garage.

"We decided to put up cameras just for our own safety and to see the kids, keep an eye on them and make sure everything is alright," he said.

Ortiz said the first bike was stolen last Tuesday. It wasn't caught on camera due to a glitch in the system, but it was working this past Tuesday night, and Ortiz said he caught the alleged culprit on camera.

"I saw the guy actually looking at the camera, still decided to walk in and take the bike anyway, and I got a video of him leaving with the bike and actually hitting the car along the way with the pegs, and I guess he rode off with it," said Ortiz.

Wilson police said they are looking into the incident and have reports of other stolen bikes in the area.

Besides contacting police, Ortiz said it was important for him to help spread the word.

"I decided to put all the video on Facebook, had my friends contacted. I contacted the news and just put it out there so this can come to an end," he said.

Anyone with information is asked to call Detective Marc Crisafulli with the Wilson Police Department at 610-258-8542.