The Boston Marathon will not accept adjusted time of runners who were delayed by a train during Sunday's Via Marathon.

The 10th annual Via Marathon was held in the Lehigh Valley.

Some runners hit a road block -- literally -- as a Norfolk Southern train crossed the path in the seventh mile of the race. 

Some people were held up for multiple minutes and they hoped their times could be adjusted so they would still be able to enter the Boston Marathon.

“This is the tenth anniversary of this race, and all 10 races have crossed the Norfolk Southern rail tracks on Albert Street to enter Canal Park in Allentown,” said Gerry Yasso, Vice President of Development for Via. “Each and every year, we have contacted Norfolk Southern to assure runner safety, spectator safety and public safety at this intersection, and all other intersections that we cross. The incident is especially regrettable and was quite unexpected.”

The Boston Marathon, a storied race that many runners view as the most prestigious marathon, requires runners to quality with racing times from pre-approved courses.

The Via course is a qualifying race for Boston.

"Unfortunately, after reviewing the information received from the 2016 Via Marathon, the B.A.A. is unable to accept adjusted finish times from -- or make adjustments to -- the 2016 Via Marathon. Official times must be kept intact and based on the course which each participant ran. The B.A.A. must stand firm in its Boston Marathon qualifier requirements which include accepting only adjudicated results. The B.A.A. will, however, accept adjudicated results from the 2016 Via Marathon which are official and have not been adjusted," the Boston Athletic Association said.

Via says it understand the frustration of runners but appreciated the Boston Athletic Association's willingness to review the matter.

The Via Marathon is a fundraiser for the organization.  Via helps children and adults with disabilities.