It was back to school for some students more than 60 years after the fact.

It’s been nearly 62 years since Williams Township Elementary School opened its doors. Since then, students in the area have been going to the school which essentially shut down one room school houses in the area.

Some of the children who started at the one-room schools were among the first students ever at Williams Township Elementary School. On Friday, they toured the facility where they got their start in education.

The classrooms, the group agreed, are different.

“We were just making a comment that there were no computers,” said Patricia Kruger.

Kruger, and her twin sister Diane Fisher, were known as the Hanks twins. Both laughed when asked if they were troublemakers. They recalled their memories of going home for recess and lunch not realizing they had to come back to class in the afternoon.

Kruger and Fisher joined about a dozen of their classmates visiting the school and seeing how the building has changed with the times.

“You walked to school,” said Liesel Dreisbach-Williams, who still lives closely to her childhood school. “There was no bus transportation.”

At the school’s gymnasium, which wasn’t there in 1954, current first graders gathered to hear the stories of the first, first grader’s experiences.

Fisher said at the one room school house, she and her classmates would have to gather wood to start a fire for heat.

Of course, the only logging happening at the school today comprises of logging on the computer.

“The computers?” said Fisher. “We didn’t have that.”

When asked if fourth grader Halle Washburn could imagine a classroom without a computer, she smiled and said “No.”

“I think we learned a lot and we’re still learning a lot about then and now,” said Washburn.

Williams Township Elementary School principal Kevin Steidle led the tour of the school to its former students.

“I don’t think we have enough connections to the past these days,” said Steidle. “So it’s nice for the kids to see somebody that’s maybe their grandparents age but maybe went to school here and was in the same classroom as them.”

Kruger said her classmates will celebrate their 50th high school reunion on Saturday night.