Bangor's mayoral race decided by one vote

Democrat Joseph Capozzolo wins election over Robert Rhodes Jr.

Posted: 10:08 PM EST Nov 12, 2013   Updated: 5:47 AM EST Nov 13, 2013

It came down to just one vote in Bangor's race for mayor last Tuesday.

The close call prompted a recount a week later at the Northampton County Board of Elections, where Joseph Capozzolo (D) was officially named mayor on Tuesday.

Capozzolo defeated Robert Rhodes Jr. (R)

The tight race may have been sparked by a low voter turnout, according to Bangor residents.

"First of all, it was too low. Less than 600 people voted and we have more than 5,500 in our town. That's unheard of," said Tammy Rogers, who voted in the election.

According to the Northampton County Board of Elections, there are 3,021 voters in Bangor.

Less than 20% of registered voters actually voted Tuesday.

Residents said the race wasn't big enough to attract a large turnout.

"Did not vote, sorry, I just don't vote," said Frank Ebert.

"Apathy, in general, people don't care," said Greg Skapczynksi, who also voted on Tuesday.

But low numbers turned out to make a big difference, after Capozzolo defeated Rhodes by just one vote.

"Really, it was one vote? I didn't even know that. I could have voted, could have been a tie? I should have voted," said Frank Ebert, who did not vote.

"I have been telling people, you didn't vote, it could have been my vote that made the difference, I have no idea," Skapczynski said.

Rogers can't fathom why her community stayed home on election night.

"Unbelievably low. For all the people that complain about our town and want things done, they should have came out and voted," she said.

Rhodes won a seat on Bangor Council.