Parking issues rarely attract packed and jammed crowds at municipal meetings --
that doesn't mean the public has no interest in the subject, especially in the City of Bethlehem.

During Tuesday night's council meeting, Mayor Robert Donchez introduced an ordinance  that prohibits parking a vehicle in the front yard of any city property.

Exceptions to the ordinance would be a vehicle parked on a solid surface parking pad constructed of either macadam or concrete. Residents would also temporarily park in the front yard within a residential zoning district to load or unload items for a period of up to one hour per week.

The ordinance also permits residents to park a vehicle in a side or rear yard.

It will be placed for first reading on the Oct. 4 council agenda.

In other business, the city also dedicated several streets for public use in an ordinance. They include portions of Emery Street, Spillman Drive, Lynn Avenue, Commerce Center Boulevard, Harvard Avenue, Gilchrist Drive and Feather Way.