It was proposed by Recchiuti, who chairs the finance committee.

He proposed the resolution in response to comments by Mayor Robert Donchez who, on Feb. 18, told City Council snow that fell just during the previous week had cost the city about $300,000.

The mayor also said overtime and other costs associated with this winter’s snow plowing and snow removal will impact the city budget.

At Tuesday’s council meeting, Recchiuti asked the mayor if he had a chance to review his proposed resolution “and do you have a position on it?”

The mayor did not give him a direct answer.

“My position is that this administration from day one has set the tone of fiscal restraint,” said Donchez. “I’ve charged my department heads with the task of evaluating all open positions and to find ways to make government more efficient.

“As mayor, I’ve set the tone myself by using my own car, paying for my own gasoline and paying for my own insurance. We are reviewing the city’s car policy with efforts to reduce costs.

“We are currently updating the five-year financial plan and, when this report is completed, I will share it with City Council and release it to the public.

“In June, the administration will provide City Council with a six-month financial report on expenditures and revenues.

“During the next few weeks I will be announcing a financial advisory committee to work with the administration in recommending initiatives to make government more efficient and to validate our five-year plan.”

Donchez said it’s been a difficult winter, but the administration has made necessary budget adjustments. He promised: “This administration will continue to exercise fiscal restraint.”

After Tuesday’s meeting, Donchez declined to say if he supports or opposes the proposed hiring freeze. “My statement speaks for itself,” said the mayor.
Recchiuti said he thinks the mayor is against such a freeze.

After Donchez made his comments about his initiatives to ensure fiscal restraint, Recchiuti recommended his proposed hiring freeze resolution go back to the finance committee for further discussion. Reynolds agreed.

After the meeting, Recchiuti said he has questions about the administration’s plan to pay expenses with some borrowed capital funds.

The mayor said he presented council with a list of open positions in the city. “Every position will be evaluated to see if it’s something that we need,” said Donchez.